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Thermal PowerPlants Holding

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Followings are the duties of the company:
1. Planning and management (development and utilization) of capacities of thermal power generation in the framework of comprehensive and macro-scale plans of the Ministry of Energy.
2. Organization and management of thermal power generation companies, their stocks belong to the company partially or entirely.
3. Development of governmental thermal power generation development in the framework of relevant regulations.
4. Cooperation with concerned institutes for transferring public power plants and stocks of the government in the power generation companies to the non-governmental sector and increasing the share of this section in power generation in the framework of the regulations.
5. Performing the necessary measures for attaining the non-governmental sectors participation in the establishment of new power plants, development of capacity and optimization of existing power plants for the realization of the programs approved by the Ministry of Energy.
6. To execute policies, plans and approvals of the Ministry of Energy.
7. Management of stocks and capitals of the company in affiliated companies.
8. To take necessary measures and cooperation for assigning a part of the stocks of the company through stock exchange company.
9. To show necessary supports for increasing the productivity of production agents in the affiliated companies.
10. To receive any financial facilities, to distribute participation bonds and other methods for providing financial sources by observing legal measures.
11. Management, development and providing financial sources, and optimized use of those resources through establishing financial facilities and circulating financial sources between the company and affiliated companies.
12. Optimized use of the interests earned by the investments and other local sources of the company and subsidiary companies for protecting private sector for the purpose of establishment, development and optimization of installations and supplying facilities and power generation services. The company is authorized to establish, develop and optimization of governmental power generation by using the above-mentioned resources.
13. Promotion of thermal power plant outputs by developing methods such as simulators generation of power, heat and cooling and producing sweet water by using recycled heat.
14. To take necessary actions and supports for lowering pollutants and greenhouse gas caused by thermal electricity generation.
15. Supporting risk-taking investments by using financial institutes and capacities and local sources of the company.
16. Management and coordination between affiliated companies and directing them towards policies determined by the Ministry of Energy.
17. Supervision on the management and financial systems of subsidiary companies.
18. To perform any executive, engineering, commerce, financial, transactions and investment operations, participation in other institutes and companies that act in line with the policies of the Ministry of Energy in connection with the object of company by observing the relevant laws and regulations.
19. To support and protect research activities, innovation and technology in the scope of company activities.