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Thermal PowerPlants Holding

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Thermal Power Plant Holding
Based on the frameworks for facilitating the participation of private sectors in thermal power generation, Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH) is responsible for organizing government activities in the field of thermal power generation; leading its subsidiaries; planning, development, management and operation of its subsidiaries’ plants based on the policies of Ministry of Energy. The most important duties of TPPH:
• Planning, management and development of capacities for thermal power generation based on comprehensive programs of Ministry of Energy and regulations
• Organizing and managing all thermal power producers which all or parts of their shares belong to the government
Thermal Power Generation
The goal of company establishment is organizing governments authorization- governance- activities in producing thermal power connected to the transmission and distribution networks, directing of affiliated companies, planning, management, development and operation of the mentioned power plants in the framework of the policies of the Ministry of Energy, and facilitating the involvement of non-governmental sectors in producing thermal power.

The investment process in our country seeks to reduce government intervention in markets to prevent monopoly, implement the bylaws in markets, create a favorable and secure competition for investors, prevent the uncontrolled import of low quality and harmful materials and products. The objectives of investing are the following:
• increasing efficiency
• increasing the level of competition
• development of capital markets
• reforming of Laws
• motivating the private sector to participate in the power market
In order to achieve these objectives, implementation of general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution and providing the necessary conditions for the healthy market competition with regard to the protection of the rights of either producers or consumers, Thermal Power Plants Holding Co. (TPPH) decided to outsource its executive activities in the field of power generation.